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Mon-Sun 7:00 am - 11:00pm
Bay Area, California

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Report In Fremont, Ca

Power Plumbing is a highly rated plumbing repair company that has provided plumbing services to the Bay Area and Fremont for over a decade. Be confident that we will complete your next plumbing repair quickly, affordably, and correctly. Our unmatched customer service and easy quoting process have helped us develop a strong reputation, providing services like sink disposal, standard and tankless water heater replacement (gas or electric), water line replacement, and much more. 

If you’re looking for same-day plumbing nearby, look no further. Our experienced team is ready to handle all of your plumbing needs quickly. With same day plumbing repair and emergency plumbing services available, you can be confident that our highly rated service will get the job done adequately.

Professional Top Rated Plumbing Repair in the Bay Area

Our highly trained staff is experienced and knowledgeable in a wide variety of plumbing repair services. From small leak repairs to unclogging drains, we can cover any basic plumbing repairs our residential and commercial customers need. Some of these repair and installation services include:

  • Fixture leak repair or replacement
  • Toilet repair or replacement
  • Gas and Electric water heater installation (standard and tankless water heaters)
  • Outdoor sprinkler installation
  • Sump pump installation
  • Sink disposal installation
  • Kitchen sink repair and replacement
  • Pipe repair and replacements

All of these services and more are offered at competitive prices with speedy turnaround times. 

Emergency Plumbing Repairs Available Near Me

We strive to complete plumbing repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible for our customers. Our professionals can repair some of these common plumbing repairs in the same day due to our easy quote process and fast response times. This prompt response is part of what has built trust with our customers and helped build our reputation.

Although 24/7 service is not provided, we do provide same day emergency plumbing repairs to residential and commercial customers during business hours for situations that can’t wait. 

Other Plumbing Repair Services Offered 

Along with more basic plumbing repair services such as sink disposal and water heater replacements, Power Plumbing can also handle more complicated repairs, replacements, and installations. Some of these include slab leak repair (repair of lines beneath foundation), rerouting of gas and water lines, installation of water filtration systems, work on sewer and water mains, and much more.

The ability to assist customers with gas, water, and sewage issues helps increase the amount of services that we offer. Our highly trained experts are trained in the newest materials and methods used in plumbing repair, and can tackle common repairs and complicated repairs alike. This flexibility and versatility have helped us receive many 5-star reviews from satisfied customers across the Bay Area.

Customers Love Power Plumbing

We encourage you to check out what customers are saying about our professional plumbing repair services on our Google Business page. Many customers have given us 5 star reviews that highlight the efficient response times, competitive prices, and superb customer service that we offer. 

Customers have also talked about our easy quote process, accurate pricing, and knowledgeable staff. When you take all of these points into consideration, it’s easy to see how our company got its trustworthy reputation, and why customers feel comfortable recommending us to their friends and family. 

Call Us Today For A Quote

If you are in the Fremont area looking for same day plumbing repairs near you, look no farther than our company. Our expedited quote process can often cut out the step of an on-site consultation using pictures and videos provided by the customer to diagnose without a specialist going to the site of repair. If one is required, consultation fees may be incurred depending on distance and travel time. If these fees are applicable, the customer will be informed of the amount of the consultation fee in the initial quote. 

With Power Plumbing, you know you’re getting high-quality service. Even though we aren’t open 24/7, we offer same-day jobs for those situations where you need something fixed asap. Those located in the Fremont area will receive a free quote from us if your in the Fremont area. 

You can rely on honest and transparent quotes as we take you through the necessary fixes step by step. We won’t overcharge, deviate from the agreed-upon quote, or include hidden fees. The people who we work with respect us because we offer our customers respect in return. We demonstrate this with our proficiency, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service.

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